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At Waco Concrete and Fence, we specialize in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installing fences, screening walls, modular retaining walls, and more, all with natural textures that you love. Our products are designed to save you time, labor, and hassle without compromising on quality. Our turnkey solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that your project is faster, less expensive, more attractive, and long-lasting. We take pride in the value we bring to every single project, and our commitment to providing superior services to our clients.

Concrete fences


Waco Concrete and Fence offers a wide range of precast concrete fence systems that provide both aesthetic appeal and durability for your fencing needs. Our OldBrick system provides the beauty of American brick while offering the superior characteristics of precast concrete, making it a popular choice that easily integrates with Texas’s existing brick structures.

Our StackedStone system offers the complete textural appearance of hand-laid stacked stone and seamlessly blends in with any surrounding element, making it our most popular precast concrete fence system in Texas. Our WoodCast system offers the timeless appearance of a shiplap wooden fence with the added strength and benefits that precast concrete provides, adding an elegant design element to any Texas property.

Our RanchRail system offers a true wood-grain rail appearance that is not susceptible to the challenges that traditional wood rail fences face, providing an undisputed level of prestige to any property. Our ChiselStone system is a unique pattern that offers the appearance of chiseled slate masonry at a fraction of the cost, making it ideal for any fencing or screening wall project in Texas.

Finally, our SmoothCast system provides a clean, smooth, and modern appearance that complements today’s minimalist aesthetics, making it a perfect option for block walls and a wide array of project applications. At Superior, we design, engineer, manufacture, and install every product to your requirements, ensuring that your job is faster, less expensive, more attractive, and lasts longer.

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